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Roof Washing To Safely Clean Your Evans Rooftop

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Jon's Pressure Washing is here to help homeowners in Evans and surrounding areas. Among our most essential services are roof washing and gutter cleaning. Taking good care of your roofing system is integral for home maintenance because your rooftop and gutters help protect the rest of your home. It's important to only work with exterior surface cleaning companies that offer soft washing for more delicate surfaces, like asphalt shingles. Too many power washing companies still use the same harsh cleaning method for your roof as they would a concrete sidewalk. We focus on safeguarding the integrity of your property and avoiding any techniques that could damage your home. The important thing is to make sure you schedule routine maintenance, including roof washing. Failure to clean your roof can result in severe damage, expensive repairs, and the need for premature replacement. Please don't take unnecessary chances with your rooftop.

Soft Washing Roofs

It's easy to make the mistake of hiring any company for pressure washing for Evans area service, but that can be a detrimental mistake. Roof washing isn't the same as pressure washing, and it's better to avoid working with a company that doesn't offer different cleaning methods other than power washing.Soft washing is gentler on delicate surfaces yet just as tough on dirt, grime, and contaminants. Instead of a blast of high PSI water spray, soft washing uses cleaning detergents to scour the surface and get into crevices standard pressure washing can't. We still use water for rinsing your roof, but the PSI is lower and safer for your roofing system. Other so-called pros will claim that pressure washing is safe for your roof. Down the road, when you find out your roof has been damaged, it will be too late to solve the problem. It can cost a lot of money to repair or replace roofing damaged by power washing methods.

Why Our Cleaning Is Better For Your Roof

You can rely on Jon's Pressure Washing for the best exterior cleaning services for all of your surfaces. We use soft washing for most exterior surfaces, including your roof. The benefits of this for your rooftop are:

  • Avoid water intrusion
  • No risk of damage to your shingles
  • Destroys algae and bacteria at a molecular level
  • Won't lead to mold and rot under shingles

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Roof Cleaning in Evans, GA

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